How To Apply The Law of Attraction Step By Step

Magnet attracts your desire in the Law Of Attraction

All you need is 15 minutes per day or more if you like to. I’m sure you’re going to like it more than 15 minutes because from the time you start using 15 minute manifestation, you will notice that something in you takes you to be a positive well-being.

Theta brainwave technology is the most effective way today. Although the “secret” is ancient, it can now be developed by just using your headphone or earphone. It is where the “magic” begins. Re-align yourself again in the good vibrations of the universe so you can connect to it and start attracting your thoughts into reality. A new you, is waiting for you!
Start manifesting now.

How to apply the law of attraction step by step – simplicity is the best!

Raise your vibration – Maybe you have read this before. You should be aware on how you vibrate. High frequency vibration is where the divine frequencies are. Connect yourself with these frequencies using the 15 minute manifestation and you will begin to understand how you can use them according to your desired manifestation.

Eat raw food diet – I’m not going to say what you should eat. I will just share what food that I ate that makes me feel boosted on vibration. “Raw Food Diet” Eating the raw vegetables and fruits are the best foods to eat to make your vibration rise. I tested to stop eating meat and start eating plant based diet and then I feel more energized and it’s like I have total control on my thoughts. I became a superman!

Block negativity – Once you mastered the vibration of the 15 minute manifestation, you will notice how the people around you vibrate. You will start to feel about how positive or negative they are. The more you’re in negative surroundings, the more you will be attracted to them. “Like energy attracts like energy”, so you should be careful on your surroundings. You don’t want to stop the good vibes you’re feeling, do you? So, ignore! That’s the best way to block negativity.

Be consistent – Consistency is the key in most of any aspects in life. What you focus on will soon be manifested into reality. If you keep doing what you’re doing right now, next year will be the same. But if you try something that is unusual, unusual things will grow into you. So be specific on what you really want to have in your life because you just might get it all. You just might get it all! Yeah!

Start raising your vibration now using the 15 minute manifestation and start attracting your desire.

The Law of Attraction Vibration

The law of attraction is one of the laws of the universe. That’s why, it should not be complicated. Imagine a plant that grows naturally in a place. Soon it will grow into a tree with fruits it should have. Same in our minds, what you plant will soon grow on how you nurture it.

If you plant hate, it will grow more hate. If you plant love, soon it grows more love. Plant what you desire and soon will fruit not just one of it, but more. It you align yourself in the nature; the fruits will be like of the nature.

How Law Of Attraction Works For Beginners

If you really want to start manifesting your desire, you should invest time to meditate. This is the only way to raise your awareness on the law of attraction. Many thanks to the creators of the 15 minute manifestation, meditating can now be done almost anywhere you like at any time.

To make it simple, meditate, the universe will align it, you will manifest it. Start manifesting now!


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