How To Attract Abundance When You Feel Like Losing

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Stop thinking about negativities 

Stop! Just stop thinking about them no matter how big or smart they are. You are blocking the abundance into your life if you’re so addicted on thinking about negativities. Fear and negative thoughts are just illusions that stop you for being the greatest version of yourself.

So, stop thinking about them and you’ll be free to be whoever you want to be. If the people around you are the reason why these negativities are coming into your mind, then you should block their energies. They don’t know about you and mistakenly judge you according to their beliefs. This is the first step on how to attract abundance into your life.

Start feeling that abundance is on its way to you

Feeling is the most important key factor that you should be aware of in order to manifest prosperity into your life. Like the ancient quotes that have been passed through generations say that “Like energy, attracts like energy”, what you feel is what you attract into your life.

If you feel like you are going to fail into a something, then you’re going to attract the things that will make you fail into it. Otherwise, you will attract the things that make you accomplish your goal. The best way for this practice is to think and feel about the project that you’re going to do as done, and then the things that you will need to accomplish that project will come to you.

Meditation for prosperity and abundance

Meditation has been around since the first human kind lived this planet. It has been called so many ways and done in so many ways. Today, we are so lucky because with the help of our technology, we can meditate anytime we want.

There are so many benefits of meditation. One of them is to manifest abundance into your life. The meditation for prosperity and abundance is what the most successful people have in their life. They easily manifest abundance because their subconscious mind is programmed into it.

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Brainwash yourself with positive thoughts

We are unconsciously absorbing the energies in our surroundings. If you learn how these energies work, then you will understand that positivity attracts positive results and the otherwise. To brainwash yourself with positive thoughts is to reprogram your brain to manifest anything you want.

A good example is for athletes. A common guy jogs every day in the park. Every time he is jogging, he can only finish 3 laps and felt really exhausted. He wonders how the other joggers in the park jog continuously for one hour.

He talks to the athlete and then asks how they do that. The athlete said that it is just a mindset. “If you think you can’t jog for one hour, you can’t, but if you think that one hour is not enough for you to jog then your body will reprogram itself to jog for one hour.”

He researched even more about it and learned how the experts do it. The guy starts thinking differently and applied it for himself. He was surprised on the impact that this simple mindset effects. He’s like a machine that thinks that he has enormous amount of energy to do the things that he has to do. He’s a changed person now and happily to have the positive mindset in his mind all the time.

Manifest anything you want

When you have a full understanding on how energies and frequencies work, congratulations. You are about to have anything that you want in your life. The feeling plays a huge part in this. You must feel it like you already have it.

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